Friday, August 31, 2012

The best Skate Scene on planet earth!!

This is the news letter I just got from LAUNCH.
I just Miss FoCo so Bad.

Dear Launch Friends and Supporters,
After a year of planning and fundraising, we have found a location for the Launch Creative Center.
The LCC will be Launch's new home. At 2000 square feet of open warehouse, the space will provide Launch the necessary environment to host our growing number of programs, workshops, and events. In addition, the LCC will be the only indoor skateboard facility in the Fort Collins area.
Located at 1007 N. College Avenue, the new LCC space will open with the following amenities:
* 1000 sq. ft. devoted to skateboard ramp
* workshop/ creative area
* skateboard museum featuring over 100 skateboard decks spanning 60 years
* skateboard magazine library
* less than 1 mile north of oldtown
Our tentative opening is planned for mid-late September with a soft opening allowing everyone to come experience the LCC. We'll keep you updated via email and our website about exact opening dates and about our Membership rates and incentives.
Andy Weiss
Executive Director
The Launch Creative Center is going to be awesome, and we couldn't have gotten this far without the help of our amazing skateboard community. Pictured to the left are just a few of the donated items we have received so far...entire ramps, misc.wood + coping, labor, wood screws, magazines, high-fives, good vibes.
If you have any items to donate or ways to assist us with opening the LCC, feel free to contact us at

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Times!

Dry Tortugas' awesome!!!

Fort Jefferson


Find it...
24° 37′ 43″ N, 82° 52′ 24″ W
than visit it...